Investment & Co-operation

PCI 2013: Ben Tre making leapfrog to top 6 best rankings

At the Launch of the 2013 Provincial Competitiveness Index last month in Ha Noi, held by the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) with support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the ninth-year report indicated the comments of 8,093 non-state enterprises and opinions of 1,609 FDI businesses operating in the country over the quality of business environment governance in all 63 provinces and cities.

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The third Coconut Festival 2012

Coconut Festival - Ben Tre 2012

Social Affairs

A kich-off workshop for project design for climate change adaptation in the Mekong Delta

An international workshop named “Kick-off Workshop for Project Design Adaptation in the Mekong Delta”, was held in Ben Tre on March 20, 2013, at the opening of a working tour by the experts from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Ben Tre for reality check for a new project design.

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Humanitarian Info.

A French Doctor in Ben Tre

The French-Vietnamese Cultural Society in Perpignan city, Southern France, chaired by Ms Nguyen Thi That (That Pen), a Ben Tre native, is one of the expat Vietnamese organizations in France that has been steering humanitarian works back to the homeland.

Politics & Society

Ben Tre City modernizing bureaucratic formalities and procedures

Mr Nguyen Van Hung, Head of the Formalities Reform Center in the Department of Interior Affairs has said Ben Tre City's People's Committee is deploying the project to modernize administrative formalities and procedures done with the normal "one door" and inter-departmental "one door" and through computer network.

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Education & Training

Education networking kicked start

On November 6, 2008, the Military Telecommunication General Company (Viettel Telecom) in collaboration with Ben Tre's Department of Education and Training held a starting-of-work ceremony of the project to set up the Internet connection for the province's education sector.

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Arts & Culture

Monuments and relics in Ben Tre province

To date, Ben Tre province has 20 certified relics and monuments, of which there are 14 of national level and 6 provincial revolutionary historical monuments, memorial sites and relics.

Sciences & Tech.

How coconut water helps our health

For a very long time, coconut water has been used as a favourite drink, and it has also been used a great deal in cooking, such as making food color additive, stew meat soak to add more favourable flavour. More recently, there has been a new kind of food made from coconut materials being sold in the market, which is called coconut jelly.


Binh Dai District authorities assist farmers with cocoa seedlings

In an effort to assist farmers with cocoa seedlings for blending growing in coconut groves, Binh Dai District’s Agricultural and Rural Development Department has collaborated with communal Farmer Societies to supply local farmers with more than 60 thousand cocoa seedlings to blendingly grow in more than 90 thousand hectares of coconut groves

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News from Departments

Ben Tre hard clam fishery Viet Nam and SEA first to receive MSC certificate

The World Wild Fund on Tuesday, November 10, 2009, posted news on its Website that said that Ben Tre's hard clam fishery had been granted with a certificate the day before by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for sustainable methodology of sea resources exploitation.


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