Department of Transport

Address: 593/B4 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Phu Khuong, Ben Tre Township
Telephone: 8475-3822423
Fax: 8475-3825419

Deputy director
Deputy director
Deputy director

Affiliated units:


1. The Transport Mechanical Enterprise

  • Address: Provincial Road 885, Phu Hao Village, Phu Hung Commune, Ben Tre Township

  • Telephone: 8475-3822348, 3827926

  • Fax: 8475-3812524

  • Director: Vu Tuan Gian

  • Deputy director: Phan Tan My


  • Build and repair ship and vessels

  • Design, build and renovate barges and longboats under 100 tonnes.

  • Produce and process mechanical works for use in transportation, rural and urban construction.

2. The Harbour Management Enterprise

  • Address: 303 A Doan Hoang Minh Street, Ward Phu Khuong, Ben Tre Township

  • Telephone: 8475-3828332, 3828339

  • Director: Vo Van Thu

  • Deputy director: Pham Xuan San


Main operations:

  • Manage and trade main bus stations over the province

  • Manage and control public transport activities in relation with bus stations.

Extra operations:

  • Provide transport services

3. Bus stations:

The provincial Bus Station:

  • Address: 303 A Doan Hoang Minh Street, Phu Khuong, Ben Tre Township

  • Telephone: 8475-3822298

Ba Tri District Bus Station:

  • Address: Km 36+300 Provincial Road 885, Ba Tri District

  • Telephone: 8475-3850036

Binh Dai Bus Station:

  • Address: Km 38+800 Provincial Road 883

  • Telephone: 8475-3891280

Mo Cay Bus Station:

  • Address: Km 0+000 Provincial Road 888

  • Telephone: 8475-3843299

Thanh Phu Bus Station:

  • Address: Km 28+000 Provincial Road 888

  • Telephone: 8475-3870522

4. Ben Tre Ferry Enterprise

  • Address: 708 Nguyen Van Tu, Ward 7, Ben Tre Township

  • Telephone: 8475-3827673

  • Fax: 8475-3826710

  • Director: Phan Thanh Binh

  • Deputy directors: Duong Thanh Lam; Huynh Thanh Binh

Form of business:

          State-owned independent and non-profit enterprise

Scope of operations:

          Provide ferry services for goods, passengers, and vehicles to cross the rach Mieu River from Ben Tre to Tien Giang.

Affiliate units:

  • Rach Mieu Ferry- Ward 6, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province

  • Ham Luong Ferry- Ward 7, Ben Tre Township

  • Cau Van Ferry - An Nhon Commune, Thanh Phu District, Ben Tre Province

  • Tan Phu Ferry - Tna Phu Commune, Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province

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