Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Address: 01 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 2, Ben Tre Township.
  • Telephone: 8475-3822210
  • Fax: 8475-3813176
  • Director: Tran Thi Luan
  • Deputy directors: Kieu Van Chue, Nguyen Trung Chuong, Huynh Kim Muoi

1. Function

The Service of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ben Tre Province is a specialized body integrated in the Provincial Governing apparatus. Its main function is to help the People's Committee to carry out governing functions in agriculture and forestry, irrigation and rural development in Ben Tre Province. At the same time, it carries out specialized direction and administration in agriculture and forestry, irrigation and rural development, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

2. Scopes of duty and authority

The Service of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ben Tre Province has the following scopes of duty and authority:

  • Submit to the People's Committee legal documents in agriculture and forestry, irrigation and rural development issued by superior authority and the Central Government.
  • Issue authorized documents in fields within authority.
  • Submit to the People's Committee oveall planning strategies, long-, medium- and short-term plans for the relevant fields. Organize implementation of those plans once approved.
  • Organize cultivation, livestock farming, salt production, agricultural production and develop rural business.
  • Administer, preserve and develop forest resources, afforestation, and forestry products development.
  • Administer water resources (except mineral and geo-thermal water); monitor the construction of irrigational, flood-gate works, and dyke-maintenance (river dams and breakwater embankments); control the exploitation and general development of rivers in the provincial area; control clean water and environmental sanitary works in rural areas; administer agricultural service activities.
  • Organize and direct the implementation of policies on agriculture and rural development.
  • Collaborate with other Services and lower levels of authority in actions; acts as hub to synthesize field data to report to superior level of authority in rural construction and development.
  • Integrate the administration of animals and plants within the scope of duty.
  • Organize and direct agricultural promotion, forestry promotion and salt production activities.
  • Organize scientific research projects and apply scientific and technological advances into relevant fields.
  • Organize and control the quality of specialized construction projects, the quality of agricultural and forest commercial goods; monitor dykes protection and maintenance, food safety, animal diseases preventing and controling; control the safe use of chemicals in agricultural production and food preservation.
  • Carry out administrative functions over agricultural and forestry businesses.
  • Carry out administrative functions in state inspection and specialist inspection.
  • Organize and direct veterinarian, animal protection and internal quarantine activities.
  • Carry out international cooperative works in relevant fields.
  • Organize flood and natural disasters prevention activities in the provincial area.
  • Issue and manage licences in relevant fields as stipulated by laws.
  • Manage and organize staffs, property and assets of the Service as assigned.
  • Carry out other related tasks assigned by superior authority.

Affiliated units:

  1. The Centre for Agricultural Promotion.
  2. The Centre for Crop Seedling.
  3. The Centre for Clean water and Rural Environmental Sanitation.
  4. Ben Tre's Botanical Protection Department.
  5. The Veterinary Centre.
  6. The Migration Office.
  7. Irrigational Works Construction Company.
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