Ben Tre is more and more attractive to tourists

Tourist business in Ben Tre has been better developed, helping to draw more and more domestic as well as foreign tourists to come over tof the land. With diverse potentials for eco-tourism, Ben Tre has been increasingly becoming a destination for international tourists. Visitors to Ben Tre has been increasing annually by 2,000 people. In 2005 in particular, Ben Tre received 53,633 visitors for sight-seeing, studying history and seeking investment cooperations, a 1.2-time increase year on year. Of which, international visitors accounted for 66.5%.

In comparison to several other provinces in the Mekong Delta, though, Ben Tre's tourism is still lagged behind due to such drawbacks as tour services not meeting with tourists' demands, tourist products not being divesrsified enough, and under-invested tourist infrastructures. These have posed problems for Ben Tre tourism while it is operating in the great trend of national and international integration, especially as the Rach Mieu Bridge is going into use this year (2007).

In an effort to push forward the services quality, some of the province's tourist resorts are undergoing reparation and upgrading works, and tourist items are also in the process of diversification.

There is a possibility that the number of visitors to Ben Tre in 2006 may increase by 20% year on year, according to the Ben Tre Tourist Services Joint-Stock Company.

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