Investment Policy and Environment

The Province's investment environment is quite open and friendly. Investment in Ben Tre will take advantages of low labor cost, abundant materials (especially coconuts, aquatic products and fruits), low land leasing, simple investment procedures, and active supports from local authorities.

Besides incentives stipulated by the State, Ben Tre applies the lowest charges in land-leasing; extends exemption years for land-leasing charge; reduces corporate income tax; supports site-clearance fee, worker training fee, and applies one-price policy.

The province urgently constructs and completes the construction of An Hiep Industrial park (65 ha) and Giao Long Industrial complex (194 ha) to serve the land-leasing demand of investors in the time to come.

For electricity, water and post and telecommunications, Ben Tre applies solidly one-price policy to all domestic and foreign enterprises.

Investors will be supported by the

Ben Tre Province 's Investment Promotion Center . "One door" policy will be applied to unburden administrative red tapes.

For more information about Ben Tre's investment policies, environment, procedures and supports, please contact Ben Tre Province's Investment Promotion Center at the below address.

Ben Tre Province 's Investment Promotion Centre

Director: Mr Nguyen Truc Son

Add: 28 Le Dai Hanh Street, Ward 3,

Ben Tre Township

Tel: (8475) 825340 / 817358

Mobile: (84) 913 634 242

Fax: (8475) 825340


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