The Handicraft Villages


Favoured by good climate, with low rate of whirlwind and tropical typhoons, and all-year-round orchards, Ben Tre is considered quite appropriate to bee-keeping. Going on village paths in Chau Thanh, Giong Trom, Mo Cay and Cho Lach Districts, visitors can witness interesting scenes of honey vendors bustling and jostling along the way to invite visitors to buy or just taste their honey. This is a precious and meaningful gift that visitors can bring home to their friends and relatives after an interesting trip to Ben Tre.


Making fine handicraft products is one of the characteristics of Ben Tre, because this is the home land of coconut, which is used as the only materials for this kind of handicraft products. In the hands of the dexterous worker-artists here, any single piece of coconut materials may turn into fine items with great charm and fantasy, such as animal statuettes, human face statuettes, etc.

Coconut candy is another kind of Ben Tre speciality and a traditional product, which is sold both in domestic stores and exported to many countries around the world. Visitors can find these products mostly in Chau Thanh (Con Phung, Con Quy, An Hoa) and Giong Trom Districts. For coconut candy, visitors can go straight to buy directly from the makers on Dong Khoi Boulevard in the Township downtown. 


For the moment, the banh trang, banh phong (rice paper cakes) in My Long and Son Doc, Giong Trom District, are still best known for their fine taste. Though the main materials to make these cakes are husked rice and sticky rice, the makers of the cakes seem to hold their know-how in secret and are very resolute to keep them from being leaked to outsiders. They are also keen to renovate such know-how secrets to produce finer and finer cakes to serve up to modern consumers. By this way, they not only sell the stuffs but also help spread their local identity out to other regions and the world.


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