Holidays and Cultural Events in Ben Tre

The Nghinh Ong (Dolphin Greeting) Festival is one of the largest festivals of BenTre's fishermen. It is held on the 16th Day of the 6th Lunar Month in coastal villages. During the festival, fishing boats are colorfully and beautifully decorated and anchored at big fishing harbours in the region for ceremonial rites and entertainment and folk-way game playing.

The annual Communal Houses worshiping ceremonies are held at each Communal House in villages throughout the province. They are also called the Ky Yen Holiday, that is "pray for peace". The Ky Yen ceremony at each Communal House is held at different hours during the festival day and depends on practices and traditions in each village. The local people hold the ceremony to worship and show their faith in their God. They also pray for "dreams". The best God that most villagers expect is the Thanh Hoang Bon Canh (Village God). Communal House ceremonies are also considered the cultural practices of local people.

The Dong Khoi Festival (on January 17 every year) is annually held at the last days of old Lunar year before greeting the Tet Holiday. There are interesting festive programs in this occasion to represent the past events during the Dong Khoi Movement in 1960. The centre of the festival is in Dinh Thuy Commune, Mo Cay District (about 20 km far from the Township).

And finally, there is the traditional festival to mark the birth of Teacher-poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu held in An Duc Commune, Ba Tri District, on July 1 every year. This is meant to memorize the patriotic poet who dedicated his life to the fighting against the French invaders using his poems as a form of weapons. His legacy left to the people of Ben Tre is invaluable.


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