Monuments and Parks

Coming to Ben Tre, one should not bypass some of the most visible features of the land: parks and monuments present everywhere. These are all purported to retain memories of the once glorious time of the revolutionary struggles for freedom and independence.

The Province has two large parks and a lot of small ones. One of the large parks is the Monument Park located at the Township centre, midway of Dong Khoi Boulevard. The other is located along the Ben Tre River bank. These are considered as places for good leisure time, where local people as well as visitors can take a walk in the evening or just sit on the benches for a breezy wind. They are also common grounds for local residents to do exercise in the morning or evening.

Most notably are the many monuments scattering across the province. They are mostly built to memorize Ben Tre people's past victories during the wars against foreign invaders. Some of the most notable monuments include the Dong Khoi Monument in the Township central Monument Park; the victory monument in My Nhon, an Binh Tay, Ba Tri District; the monument in Gia The, Thanh Phu District; the monument in Lo Tho, Chau Thanh District, etc.

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