Ben Tre's Specialities

1. Seasonal Fruits

Ben Tre is renowned as a place of
speciality fruits and plant seedlings. With the aid of scientific and
technological advances, farmers can grow fruits all year round, it is advisable,
though, to have specific kinds of fruits in the right season. Followings are
some suggestions:

  • Mango: Seasonal from the First, Second to
    Fourth Lunar Month
  • Mangosteen: Seasonal from the Fourth to
    the Seventh Lunar Month
  • Durian: Seasonal from the Fourth to the
    Seventh Lunar Month
  • Rambutan: Seasonal from the Fourth to the
    Seventh Lunar Month
  • Coconut: Seasonal from the Eighth to
    Tenth Lunar Month
  • Green-skinned pomelo: Seasonal from the
    Eleventh Month to the Second Lunar Month next year.

2. Coconut candy 

Coconut candy has for long been
well-known as unique to Ben Tre, and you can not find it anywhere else in
Viet Nam. To enjoy the unforgetable taste of the stuff,
you should come to Ben Tre to pick up some right at the makers glass display,
and taste them straight out. They are a little bid sticky but deliciously sweet,
especially with durian flavour. You can find the stuff anywhere in Ben Tre, but
it may be helpful to visit the following addresses:

Thanh Long Coconut Candy

- Address: 121, National Highway 60, Phu Khuong Ward,
Ben Tre Township

Dong A Coconut

- Address: 30B Nguyen Van Tu
, Ward 7,

Ben Tre Township

3. Rice paper cake 

There is one popular phrase among Ben Tre
people as well as visitors to the province that says "Banh trang My Long,
banh phong Son Doc"
(The rice sheet cake of My Long, the sticky rice paper
cake of Son Doc). My Long and Son Doc are two placenames in Ben Tre, very famous
for their long time tradition of making these two kinds of delicious cake. Of
course each place is characterized by some unmatched properties of the cakes.
Today, there are few of the cake makers continue to pursue their family
traditional profession because of the impact of the market economy, though they
are very nostalgic of what was once the pride for their family and

One address to visit for a reality check
here is at 383
Nghia Huan Village, My Thanh Commune, Giong Trom District. Don't
worry if you have to buy some along the road side; they are all taken from just
the same makers in the village.

4. Phu Le Wine

The famous
rice-brewed wine made in Phu Le Village, Ba Tri District, has more than 200
years of history. There are different kinds of wine such as the "white wine",
and the medicinal or tonic banana-soaking wine with a brown color as its unique
identification. These wines are not so strong as whisky or brandy in the West or
other kinds of rice wine in other parts of
Viet Nam, but able to be compared to other trademarked wines of the country for their
excellent taste. Many foreign visitors coming to Ben Tre have been interestingly
amazed when they tried a little sip of Phu Le wine here, and they spare no words
to praise its good taste. There are now talks of need to protect the tradename
and originality of the wine from any danger in the future that may pose a threat
to its originality.

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