Infrastructural investments in Giao Long and An Hiep industrial parks - a priority in 2006

The Resolution of Ben Tre Communist Party Committee's Eighth Congress has specified development of industry and handicraft as a key priority for the full term of 2006-2010. Based on that, the year of 2006 has been mandated by the Province's Party Committee to set up the fundamental base for development through out the following years.

Specific tasks have been to increase development capital for industry and handicraft; to preferentially increase both budget subsidies and public capitalization for infrastructural development for the Giao Long and An Hiep Industrial Parks.

The short-term task is to push hard the pace of space clearing, so that in 2006, the ratio of land lease should achieve about 70%-80%, 50% of the companies should be able to start facilities and factory construction, and 30% of them should get into operation.

At the same time, infrastructural planning and administrative mechanism building for smaller industrial zones in districts should also be pushed ahead. These should result in forming basic conditions for an industrial and handicraft breakthrough in the following years in line with the targets of annual industrial growth of 24.77%, export growth of 19.4%, and the overall economic growth reaching 12%.

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