Department of Construction

Address: 03 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 3, Ben Tre Township

Telephone: 8475-3822155

Fax: 8475-3823511

Deputy director

A. Function

The Service of Construction is a specialized body assisting the People's Committee with administrative tasks in the construction sector or some other related fields in the province and has the specialist accountability to the Ministry of Construction.

B. Duties and authority

I. Enactment and Implementation of Regulations and orders on Construction

Help the People's Committee process documents to enact laws, regulations and other legal documents on construction issued by the central Government. Direct the implementation of legal documents and the State policies on construction. Issue and withdraw licences and certificates on construction as stopulated by laws and regulations. Do the state and specialist inspection tasks as regulated. Carry out administrative and supporting tasks over construction and construction-related companies and organizations.

II. Administration of architecture, planning, urban development, rural residential development

Assist the People's Committee to carry out administrative tasks over architecture, constuction planning, urban development, rural residential areas development in the province.

1. Prepare and follow up planning and projects for monitoring and control of architcture and urban landscape settings.

2. Plan and assess projects for urban development, construction of industrial zones and rural residential areas and submit to the People's Committee for review before submitting to the Prime Minister for approval.

3. Open and assess estate documentation for review by authorities.

4. Manage the construction of new urban areas, industrial zones and rural residential areas inaccordance with approved planning.

III. Administering urban public structures, rural residential complexes

1. Submit to the People's Committee plans and strategies fo development of urban public structures, rural residential areas in the province, and organize and follow up deployment once approved.

2. Administer the use and maintenance of urban public structures. Coordinate with other services and agencies to study the market prices and values for use of urban public structures in the province.

IV. Construction Administration

          Help the People's Committee to administer the construction industry in the provincial area, including:

Control the surveillance, design and cost accounting.

Quality control

+ Organize or directly take part in assessing the quality of industrial as well as residential building structures.

+ Organize investigations into alleged problems at building structures. Deal with disputes over building problems.

+ Direct and organize examinations, inspections and assessment of building quality. Coordinate with other services, agencies and lower-level authorities to control construction quality in local areas.

Prices control

+ Collaborate with the Financial Service and related agencies to establish the Unit Prices List for Construction following the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Construction.

+ Collaborate with the Financial Service and the Service of Planning and Investment in cost accounting for building structures under local management. Accounting for specialized category B should be held by the Construction Service.

V. Management of housing, buildings and offices

1. Prepare and submit to the People's Committee for approval of strategic five-year plans.

2. Control and administer state-owned housing, public buildings and working offices. Direct the administration of use, exploitation and development of state-owned housing, public buildings and offices.

3. Together with the Service of Resources and Environment, organize estate surveillance and set up record directories in the process of issuing housing land use certificates in the province.

VI. Management of Construction materials

Draw up strategies, medium-term plans, and short-term plans for exploitation and trading in building materials. Control production plans and quality of building materials.

VII. Examination and Inspection

1. Direct and examine business and civil service agencies and organizations, including central-run agencies based in the province, for compliance with laws and regulations on construction activities in the provincial area.

2. Organize and direct state and specialist inspections to all agencies and organizations for compliance with construction laws and regulations.

3. Handle disputes related to construction administration.

4. Recommend legal treatment for violations of construction laws.

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