Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism

Address: 45 Dong Khoi Avenue, Ben Tre Township

Telephone: 8475-3822233, 3823473

Fax: 8475-3825817



Deputy Director
  Deputy Director

Functions, duties and scopes of authority

1. The Service of Culture and Information is a specialized body in the governing apparatus of Ben Tre Province, under full and direct administrative leaderships of the People's Committee. In principles, it receive directions, plans, professional guidelines and state policies from the Ministry of Culture and Information to coordinate the management in local and interdisciplinary areas.

2. The Service of Culture and Information carries out its duties and authority in accordance with the State regulations for decentralized administration. Organize and administer all cultural and information activities over the province.

3. Organize the Service apparatus; construct the direction, plans, short- and long-term action programs, and ensure successful implementation of such plans.

4. Control the commercial activity in arts and culture, movie industry. Administer the public media activity in the right direction to serve well for local political objectives, and re-direct the needs for cultural and arts consumption in the public.

The structure of organization

The apparatus structure at the Service of Culture and Information is organized into three categories: administration, specialized operations and commercial activities.

1. The administrative apparatus, including:

  • The Service Directorate

  • The Administrative, Organizational and General services Department

  • The Planning and Financial Department

  • The Cultural and Informational Specialized Department

  • The Service Inspection

Carry out professional functions and give out State policy and legal requirements; advise the Service Directorate on management, leadership and direction in personnel management, planning and financial control and professional operations. Assist the Service Directorate to direct and execute political duties.

2. The career, specialized operation category, including:

  • The Committee for Cultural Lifestyle Construction
  • The Centre for Culture and Information
  • The Cultural House for Elderly People
  • The Ben Tre Museum
  • The Library of Nguyen Dinh Chieu
  • The Cultural and Arts School
  • The Ben Tre Cai Luong Theatre Company

- These are functional organizations responsible to carry out assigned duties to accomplish the Province's political objectives, to serve the people's cultural and spiritual needs, contributing to educating and upgrading public intellectual standards, and constructing new sound and civilized lifestyles in the public.

- Give professional guidance to inferior organizations; upgrade organizational and operational levels for districts and communes. Orient the public cultural and arts movement, orient the arts and cultural creativity and enjoyment in the public.

- Disseminate and propagandize the information about the State and Party's guidelines, policies, decisions, resolutions and laws through to the general public.

- Carry out staff training and retraining policy in all levels of authority; focus on discovery and training young, talented, and politically skilful staff in order to build the human resource for future replacement.

3. Commercial production

The Film Publication and Cinema Company. This is a state-owned independent business operating in commercial film publication and cinema services. Depends on the Directorate of the Service of Culture and Information for the direction and planning.

The Company's operational goals are to accomplish the provincial political objectives, meet the public demand for arts enjoyment. Incomes are used to reinvest in the Company's production and expansion.

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