First ever industrial complex in ba tri district

Ba Tri District has just approved a project to build its first ever industrial complex. The 20-hectare project is located partly in the Ba Tri Town and partly in An Duc Commune, where there is the Tomb and Memorial Complex dedicated to the well-known patriotic poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu. It is planned with a total investment bugdet of VND 32 billion.

The said industrial complex is aimed to attract companies specialised in such industries as garment manufacture, aquatic product processing, rice husking, mechanics, and ship reparation and building.

The technical infrastructures for the industrial complex is planned to be fulfilled in three years (2007-2010), and be expanded since 2011.

The formation of the new industrial complex is thought to boost soco-economic development in the local area and to create new jobs for local people. This project is also among the overall project to develop Ba Tri Town into Class IV urban center by 2015.

Translated by Van Hung

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