A step forward in building trademark for Ben Tre's clam

According to a statement by the Marine Stewardship Council - an independent, global and non-profit organization - the clam fishing industry in Ben Tre is being put under a comprehensive assessment by the Moody Marine Limited Company. Moody Marine's assessment would be carried out on the efficient management and sustainable exploitation of seafood in accordance with the MSC global standards. Moody Marine is looking forward to opening a forum to exchange ideas with organizations and individuals in Ben Tre who are concerned about the clam fishing on the actual state of the clam population, the impact on ecological system, management practices of organizations in the clam industry in the province. This is seen as a significant step forward in the preparation process of establishing a trademark for Ben Tre's clam in according with the MSC standard, thus may boost export value for the clam in the world's markets. 

Translated by Truong Hung.

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