More than 11,635 patients being examined and given medication for free

The Society
for Aiding Poor Patients and Disabled People said, its operations in the first
half of year has brought good results.

For some
examples, its program to bring light to the poor blind carried out eye surgery
for 705 poor cataract patients, 256 of which were done with PHACO surgical
techniques. Beside the fundings from Ho Chi Minh City's Society for Aiding Poor
Patient, the Ben Tre SAPPD's campaigne also brought in some golden-hearted
donors to sponsor the program.

Most patients
have shown satisfactory improvement in their eye-sight after surgery, and
express their utter happiness for being helped return to normal life.

For the
program of congenital heart diseases surgery (such as heart failure, valvular
defections), the Society has also pushed for help with 20 cases (66% of the year's
target). The surgery is carried out at the Cho Ray Hospital and Tam Duc Private
Hospital. 20 of the worst heart cases under the age of 6 are currently waiting
for help because the sponsorship raising for these cases are now very difficult.
So the Society is now persuading its counterparts in Ho Chi Minh City to help
with 70% of the payments for the above-said 15 cases.

As for the
progrm of free-of-charge health care for poor people, 11,635 patients were
checked and given curing medication for free.

Besides, the
Society also granted scholarships and opened handicraft embroidering for local
poor disabled worth more than VND31 million. It also gave wheelchairs to
disabled, built “house of gratitude” and “mercy house” for poor people.

Askd about
the orientation of the Society in the coming time, MR Huynh Van Cam, Chairman of
the Society said that the Society would go on to hold health check and diseases
creening for poor blind so that they could be prioritized in healthcare

Translated by

Truong Hung