Illegal fees and charges to be abolished: People's Committee's order

On implementing the Prime
Minister's Decree No 24, Ben Tre's People's Committee has ordered departments
and services, provincial sectors and levels of authorities to upbeat their pace
to abolish illegal fees and charges that have been in effect so far. This is
said to straighten the application of fees and charges regulations and policies
that directly affect the people's life and daily business activities. This is
also to trim up the policies to use the revenues from these kinds of fees,
charges and other obligatory financial contributions by the people and related
documents, which are now deemed illegal under the light of the PM's Decree.

The People's Committee has directed
departments, sectors and levels of authorities to check up and abolish without
delay fees and charges that appear in the list attached to the PM's Decree
No 24. The Department of Finance is responsible to guide other departments,
services and organizations to stop right away the unregulated fees and charges
collection, and then to report to the People's Committee for consideration and

Translated by An Chau