Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Address: 01 Tran Quoc Tuan, Ward 2,

Telephone: 8475-3825589, 3813241, 3813254


Acting director: PHAM VAN HOANG


Main function and duties

1. Its main function is to advise the People's Committee on estate administration in the province. Its duties include:

  • Investigating, surveying, measuring and classifying lands for mapping services;
  • Planning and systemizing land use;
  • Circulating legal documents about management and use of land, and organizing their enactment;
  • Alloting, leasing, and retrieving land use;
  • Registering, profiling and managing estate rescords, contracts for land use, land statistics and inventory; issuing certificates for right of land use;
  • Inspecting the compliance with regulations for land use and management;
  • Resolving land-related disputes; tackling and handling complaints and appealings about violations of regulations for land use and management.

2. Study and report to the People's Committee realistic policies on environmental protection in relation to the province's particularities. These policies must not be in contrary to the State regulations.

3. Develop and complete programs and tasks for environmental protection in proper consideration of local eco-social development before submitting to the People's Committee and reporting to the Ministry of Resources and Environment.

4. Plan and follow up the environmental protection programs. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of interdepartmental measures for environmental protection in the province. Preside over the environmental impact assessment reports, investment projects under provincial authority. Examine and monitor local environmental happenings following the guidelines of the Ministry of Resources and Environment.

5. Carry out state inspections to individuals and organizations of all economic sectors for compliance with regulations and laws on environment protection.

6. Carry out governance function over affiliated organizations as stipulated at Article 12 of the Governmental Resolution 15/CP issued on March 02nd, 1993, and the assignment by the Ministry of Resources and Environment and the People's Committee.

7. Manage and organize staff, manage finance and assets of the Service as allocated by the People's Committee.

Divisions and Affiliated units

1. The Centre for Land Archives

2. The Centre for Land Surveillance

3. The Environment Control Department:

  • Plan and follow up environment protection programs
  • Organize, construct and control environmental surveillance system; monitor environmental happenings; control environmental pollution.
  • Evaluate EIA reports of investment projects, of plans for eco-social development.
  • Monitor, inspect compliance with laws and regulations on environmental protection.
  • Issue and retrieve environmental certificates.
  • Carry out research and organize application of scientific advances in environmental protection.
  • Direct environment protection activities; organize and direct environmental protection activities in the public; coordinate with related services and departments to push forward public propaganda and education about environmental awareness in specific localities

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