VRE contributes to help build schools in Quoi Thanh, Chau Thanh District

On January 5, 2008, the Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims Society (AODVS) of Ben Tre Province opened an inauguration ceremony at the Quoi Thanh primary school in Chau Thanh District. The school with new classrooms was partly financed by the US charity organization called Vietnam Relief Effort (VRE). VRE is said to contribute fund to build 5 classrooms on the bases of old ones, worth VND 193,512,000. Local authorities, the Chau Thanh District government, counterfunded to build one totally new classroom worth VND 180,000,000. Totally, the project was worth VND 373,512,000. The project was carried out in a very short time, just two months after groundbreaking.

During the war time, Ben Tre was the fourth worst hit province in Viet Nam that was sprayed with extremely toxical defoliating agents used by the US military in the war against Viet Nam, most dangerous of them all is the Agent Orange (AO). And Quoi Thanh was then one of the most heavily sprayed communes in Chau Thanh District.

Translated by An Chau

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