Thanh Phu District: Many children of poor families given free heart surgery

After three years of the programme to carry out operations to cure congenital heart failure for children of poor families in the province, Ben Tre's Society for Aiding Poor Patients and Disabled People has strived greatly to raise funds and the help from many hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.

And the Society's efforts have beared fruits. So far, it has helped effectively cure heart disease for 170 children of poor families. In 2007 only, the Society carried out 60 cases of heart surgery for poor chidren. And 20 more cases have been done since the start of this year. Some of the worest cases have also been cured.

With such impressive results, the programme has received great assistance from domestic as well as foreign individuals and organizations.

On April 15, 2008, a German society of businessmen promised to finance 11 children patients in Thanh Phu, Mo Cay and Giong Trom Districts to cure heart disease in Ho Chi Minh City, with expenses at VND50 million for each cases. And on April 19, the Society took the children to the Trieu An Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for curing surgery.

Translated by Tuyet Anh.

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