Welcoming Letter

Dear Readers,

BEN TRE, located at the end-stream of Mekong River, is one of the 13 provinces that make up the Mekong Delta. It faces the South China Sea, borders Tien Giang, Tra Vinh, and Vinh Long provinces. The Province's centre point is 86 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City. The Province's main rivers include Tien, Ba Lai, Ham Luong and Co Chien Rivers, for centuries depositing and enriching the soil with layers of alluvium, and cutting it into three large islets: An Hoa, Bao, and Minh. The Province has tropical climate, a natural land area of 2,315 square kilometres and a population of 1.4 million.

BEN TRE Province has enormous and diverse economic potentials, with young, labourous and creative workforce. The BEN TRE's people are very humanistic, hospitable, and respectful of talent. They are keen to not only respectfully take over but also promote excellent traditional cultural values.

In line with the country's investment policies for development in the reform process, BEN TRE has put into effect a number of preferential policies in order to attract investments from outside the province. It has also been seeking to gather sources of investment across the province for the acceleration of development.

BEN TRE Province honestly calls for all economic sectors, our countrymen, overseas Vietnamese, domestic and foreign companies and organizations to come and invest in production, business and trade, in order to make full use of our economic potentials and human resources. BEN TRE is willing to provide the most expidient and friendly environment for investment, and determined to make the most out of the current preferential policies stipulated by the laws for the development of both you and our Province.

We are very honoured to introduce you to the English version of the Website of BEN TRE Province, with the motto "Ben Tre - Potentials and opportunities for Investment". It is a portal where you can feel free and comfortable to gain access into our useful databases about the land, the people, economic potentials, our open-door preferential policies and lots of investment opportunities in BEN TRE. We hope that the website of Ben Tre Province will provide you with necessary information, bring you what you need in searching for investment opportunities.

With good health, happiness and success to all of you.

Thank you !

Chairman of the People's Committee of Ben Tre Province