60% of Ben Tre's fruit area are of high quality

Ben Tre currently has 32,727 hectares of fruit tree area, producing an annual output of more than 365,000 tons of fruit. In the current trend of international economic integration and competition, Ben Tre fruit has to wade its own way through the big sea. So to survive in such a tensely competitive market economy has the fruit gardeners to further renovate their gardens and improve the quality of their fruits by applying new scientific and tecnological advances into prodction as well as generating innovation themselves. The aim is to form a specialty fruit growing region that may yield high economic value. Gardeners have so far expanded their fruit covering areas and moved to new kinds of fruit that yield high economic value, suit well to the local characteristic ecology and soil, and have strong and stable market shares.

So far, the area of high-quality fruit tree account for about 60% of Ben Tre's total fruit covering area. It includes some kinds of fruit such as sweet mandarin, orange, Hoa Loc sweet mango, yellow-meat durian, Thai durian, mangosteen, sweet rambutan, yellow-meat longan, green-skin pomelo, etc. It is projected that Ben Tre's fruit covering area in 2010 would be kept stable at 40,000 hectares.

Translated by An Chau

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