Multiple sources of loans helping farmers sustain household business


So far this year, farmers associations of all levels have been successful in motivating well-off members to share their helping hands to the poor ones. Supports have been given out in the form of cash, loans, plant seedlings or cattle, agricultural materials (such as furtilizer, insecticide, ...). These are worth totally nearly VND250 million, done in non-refund terms. Todate, there are a total of 1,419 poor members of farmer associations receiving loans with very low interest rates.

Associations of all levels have also collaborated with branches of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies in Ben Tre to give out preferential loans to farmers a total sum of VND39.4 billion, and to donate 40 cows worth VND400 million to poor households in Thoi Thanh Commune, Thanh Phu District.

To help farmers gain access to scientific and technological advances, associations have organized 483 training sessions on sci-tech transferring, environment protection and traffic safety for 21,753 farmers. Farmers have also been taken on visiting tours including experience exchanging activities. Through such helpful tours, many farmers have successfully applied new knowledge into actual production and produced good results.

Translated by An Chau