Many companies seeking to invest in Ben Tre's tourism

Since to beginning of the year up to now, there has been 165,781 tourists, nearly 135,781 of which are foerign tourists. Because of the increase in the number of incoming tourists, many tourist trading enterprises and private services unit are strongly pushing up their investment in the sector. Some of the most known enterprises to invest in Ben Tre's tourism in the coming time include the Ba Lai Aquatic Corporation filing for investment to build a tourist resort in thua Duc Commune, Binh Dai District); the Phu Phung 3 tourist complex is constructing a pier to harbour tourist boats; the Phu Binh tourist complex in Cho Lach District is also building roads in and out of the site.

Phuoc Kien, one of the best known company to apply for investment in Ben tre recently, is askking for permission to invest in a resort project in Phu Tuc Commune, Chau Thanh District, after it first project in the province to set up the trading, services and tourist complex of An Phu (also in Chau Thanh District). Next is the Vinashin, the joint-stock company in the petro sector, is seeking to build a floating hotel and restaurant. Besides, at least two other tourist companies, Long Hai and Dong Khoi, are studying the field sites for future projects in Thoi Thuan (Binh Dai District) and Quy Islet (Chau Thanh District).

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