Rach Mieu Bridge to be inaugurated on January 19, 2009

At the meeting with leaders of the
provincial departments and press agencies on November 11, 2008, Mr Nguyen Thai
Xay – Chairman of Ben Tre People's Committee said that the Rach Mieu Bridge was in the final stage of
construction. The Ministry of Transport had ordered contractors to urgently
complete the final works. The Ministry had also agreed with the provincial
authorities that a load capacity test for the bridge would be carried out by
the end of December, 2008. Then, the Rach
Mieu Bridge

would be inaugurated on January 19, 2009.

A hurdle for the project now is
that the walking stairway from the bridge down to the Phung Islet (Phoenix
Islet, also called Tan Vinh Islet) is in retard for the agreement of space
clearing compensation with the land owner is unable to be reached despite
efforts by the contractor as well as local authorities (Chau Thanh District).
The land owner would seem not to cooperate with the contractor and local

Mr Nguyen Thai Xay said clearly
that without the walking stairway, the people who live on the islet would face
great difficulties in travelling to and from the mainland. This is
unacceptable. So, the provincial leadership is determined to clear the space
for construction works to get started in time on November 15. To do this, the
whole Chau Thanh District leadership and social organizations need to strive
greatly to make the landowner aware of their responsibility to the whole bridge
construction project.

Translated by An