Scholarships given to heart-operated and poor pupils

On August 15, 2009, in one of the activities at the start of the new school year of 2009-2010, Ben Tre's Society for Aiding Poor Patients and Disabled People organized an occasion to reward 157 scholarships to students and pupils, who passed heart surgery sponsored by the Society,and another 30 scholarships to disabled  students, VND500,000 for each primary-school pupil and VND1 million for each secondary and high school levels. Scholarships and gifts given in this occasion are sponsored by the US-based Northern California Society to Support the Blind as well as other organizations inside and outside the province.

Over the past six years, in order to support the poor patients, the SAPPDP has raised more than VND60billion from various sources. The money then has been used in various occasions such as sponsoring eye surgery for the poor, sponsoring heart operation for 300 children with congenital heart diseases (each cost between VND40 million and VND50million), donating 1,700 wheelchairs to the disabled, sponsoring free health care examination and medication for 140,000 poor people, donating 200 "houses of mercy" for the poor, donating 1,000 breakfirst rations every day to poor people in hospitals around the province. Latest is the occasion in which the Society gave 1,000 scholarships to pupils from poor families, who passed heart surgery sponsored by the Society itself.

In his speech at the scholarship giving ceremony, Mr Nguyen Cong Chanh, Vice Chairman of the Northern California Society to Support the Blind said that his Society would maintain the scholarships until these pupils would finish high school level and enter the university.

Mr Nguyen Quoc Bao, Vice Chairman of Ben Tre's People's Committee, thanked the golden-hearted fellows who had come and gave their helping hands to support the poor patients, the disabled and children of poor families in Ben Tre. He said the Ben Tre's people would appreciate and keep in mind forever these acts of the golden hearts.

Translated by Truong Hung