- Natural land area: 2,315.01 sq km
- Climate schema:

  • Tropical monsoon, with rainy season from May to October, then dry season from November to April next year.
  • Annually average temperature between 26oC and 27oC.
  • Annual rainfall between 1,250mm and 1,500mm.

- Southernmost point: at latitude 9o48' North
- Northernmost point: at latitude 10o20' North
- Easternmost point: at longitude 106o48' East
- Westernmost point: at longitude 105o57' East 

Ben Tre province lies at the endstream of the world's 6th largest river - the Mekong River. The lower sections of the River's two main streams flowing through Viet Nam's territory- Tien and Hau Rivers - in turn have several smaller branches dissecting the land into three large islets called Bao, Minh and An Hoa Islets. This topographical formation has made Ben Tre the land of diverse ecological features, with salt- and saltish-water as well as fresh water fauna and flora. It has plenty of sea food resources along with abundunt fresh water products.