1. The Project to Computerize the Governmental Apparatus (Project 112)

The project of computerization for all the governmental apparatus and other state agencies has been under way since 1996, aimed to instal computer systems for the province's Office of People's Committee, People's Committees in the Town and districts, and some Services and provincial agencies.

Since the publication of the Resolution 2 by the 8th Central Party Committee and the Decree by the Polibureau on computerization of the Party and governmental operations, the Office of the Provincial Party Committee and districtal Party Committee Offices have been gradually furnished with computer systems. Both the Party's and governmental staffs and leadership have also been trained in computer skills as the first basic steps toward full-scale computerization of the State governance and Party leadership.

2. Computerization in Some Business and Industrial Sectors

Computing has been applied in several business and industrial sectors such as construction, finance, education, sci-tech works, aquatic production, etc. In the construction sector, computing has been used for structuring calculation, expenses calculation, budgeting, and fund management. Education has put information technology (IT) into its major curriculum for general schools and new computer systems are increasingly furnished to meet with learning demands. As for the sci-tech sector, IT has been practically used in managerial works as well as research projects. The aquatic production sector applies IT to empower its managerial competency in fishery.

The province's Post Office has gone a great way to modernizing its telecommunication systems by installing wireless technologies; connecting domestic and outbound telephone lines; digitalizing the whole telecommunication network to rural and residential areas; building mobile phone and paging systems, connecting the world wide web network to satisfy the needs of information for production and living activities.