Career training for Ben Tre women is enhanced

In 2010, Ben Tre Women Association Center for Career Training opened several courses of job training and handing out primary professional certificate to 415 female labourers under trainging, who are unemployed and living in the rural areas, especially in the economically transforming areas. The overall funding for the project is estimated at VND600 million.

Professions that were used as subjects for training in 2010 includes culinary skills, livestock raising, veterinary, housekeeping, family tour survices, etc.

And there are many forms of trainging such as campus training and in-house training, supported by the local media and women associations.

Training courses in such forms have helped over 80% of labourers find suitable jobs for their own with stable incomes and affording a better life.

This year, beside the above said professional courses, the center plans to open new professions to meet the needs of aproximately 1000 local female labourers. Of these new professions, the center focuses on agricultural ones such as veterinary, safe vegetable growing, mushroom growing techniques, etc.

What is new in this year career training is training on demand by rural labourers and that trainees have the right to choose the trainer for their own.

Translated by Truong Hung

Written by: 
Cam Truc