Binh Dai District authorities assist farmers with cocoa seedlings

In an effort to assist farmers with cocoa seedlings for blending growing in coconut groves, Binh Dai District’s Agricultural and Rural Development Department has collaborated with communal Farmer Societies to supply local farmers with more than 60 thousand cocoa seedlings to blendingly grow in more than 90 thousand hectares of coconut groves, mostly in the district’s Subregion I and Subregion II communes.

Latest statistics have shown that the district has 314 hectares of cocoa blending in coconut groves, among which there are 120 hectares that are yielding fruits, with an average of 4.7 tonnes per hectare.

At the moment, cocoa selling is rather stable, and the prices are fluctuating between 3,500 and 3,800 Vietnamese dongs per kilogram of fresh fruits. This is seen as one of the last ditch to help farmers to secure their income during the time of coconut downfall.

Written by Dong Ngan

Translated by Truong Hung


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