60 cleft-palate children charitably operated

In days from December 22 to December 27, 2014, a volunteering group of nurses and doctors from the Japanese Cleft Palate Foundation (JCPF) led by Dr Nagato Natsume has come to Nguyen Dinh Chieu Hospital in Ben Tre Province to carry out a charitable cleft-palate surgery program on 60 selected children. The total cost for this year’s program is estimated at US$60,000.

JCPF doctors are carrying out operation for a cleft-palated child in Ben Tre City, Ben Tre Province. (photo by Dai Lien)

This is the 21st surgery program the JCPF has done in Ben Tre Province, according to Dr Natsume. The program has been carried out since 1993 in provinces such as Ben Tre, Quang Nam, Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi City. It has been financed and assisted on a frequent basis by the foundation members, good-hearted donators from outside, privately-owned and state-owned enterprises, and the Japanese Government.

In Ben Tre since 1993, the JCPF has carried out operations for 1,306 cleft-palated children, including the latest 60, most of them from poor families.

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Written by Dai Lien - Translated by Truong Hung