Many Investors Eyeing the An Hiep Industrial Zone

Thanks to its advantageous position along the river-way, the An Hiep Industrial Zone is now at the center of attention by many Vietnamese as well as foreign investors. At the moment, beside the currently licensed companies operating in coconut peat manufacturing (the Korean-invested Covina and the Dat Sach Company from Ho Chi Minh City), there are three big new investors applying for land lease in the An Hiep.

First of them, the Hung Vuong Frozen Food Company (from Ho Chi Minh City) is reported to invest VND 25 billion to build an aquatic production factory on 1.8 ha of space. Next, the Dong Hai (Eastern Sea) Ben Tre Corporation is leasing 4 ha of land space to build a VND45-billion factory for manufacturing paper packaging. And most lately, the 100% Thai-invested C.P Vietnam Livestock Limited Company has applied for leasing 6 ha of land to construct a US$15-million factory of aquatic feed manufacturing.

In terms of land lease, the An Hiep IZ is filled up to 60% of its total area. However, investors still have to wait for their leased land due to internal problems such as slow space clearance, ...while there are very great and urgent investment demand for this IZ.

If the above problem is resolved in time, it is hoped that the An Hiep IZ may be fully filled in 2007.

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