Office of People's Committee

Address: 07 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 3, Ben Tre Township.
Telephone: 8475-3822115
Fax: 8475-3822134 
Chief of Staff


Deputy Chief of Staff
Deputy Chief of Staff
Deputy Chief of Staff

1. Functions:

1.1. The Office is a governmental agency of the same rank as other Services of the Province. It is a direct and comprehensive assistant body to the People's Committee. It assists the People's Committee with integrated managerial and administrative works in such areas as economy, social-culture, security and defense, social order and security (over the province) and national and foreign affairs. At the same time, it carries out all preparing and supporting services for the activities of the People's Committee, Standing People's Council and Ben Tre's Members of National Assembly

1.2. In principle, the Office operates under regulations for chiefdom. It is headed by the Chief of Staff, who is in charge of all operations, and is individually accountable to the People's Committee.

2. Duties:

2.1. Assist the People's Committee with public relation works under state regulations. Supervise and prompt governmental agencies, services, departments and lower-level authorities to push forth the procedural handling of public proposals, petitions, and complaints. Maintain good public relations.

2.2. Help the People's Committee set up work schedules and agenda on the monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, and annually bases; at the same time, organize meetings, internal working sessions the People's Committee, between the Chairman and Vice Chairmen of the People's Committee with Serivces, lower-level authorities and other organizations in the Province, and with central governmental agencies, interprovincial, national and international organizations. Assist the Standing Committee of People's Council to organize meeting sessions.

2.3. Cooperate with related authorities and agencies to prepare working programs; assist the People's Committee to examine and review working programs or to timely enact decisions, decrees. Help the People's Committee to disseminate, examine, and prompt agencies and services and levels of authorities to implement legal documents issued by the Prime Minister, the Government and the Provincial People's Committee; accurately discover and suggest the People's Committee to address and rectify deviations from policies and regulations.

2.4. Gather and manage information on all aspects of social life as well as the State governance, and accurately report to the People's Committee, Standing People's Council, the Provincial Party Standing Committee and Central Government for better governance; at the same time, inform services, levels of authorities, organizations, and the media of works of the State.

2.5. Manage governmental and legal documents, and other archives as stipulated by regulations. Giving guidance to services and districts on how to handle documents, statistics and other archives in accordance with principles and State regulations.

2.6. Carry out policy enactment, train and retrain, upgrade, and take care of the welfare for Office staffs.

2.7. Manage assets, facilities, equipment and instruments in the Office in order to ensure smooth operations of the People's Committee, Standing People's Council, and the Office's staffs.

2.8. Prepare and ensure perfect instruments and conditions for works and traveling, meetings, guest receptions at the People's Committee, People's Council, Members of National Assembly and the Office.

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