Environment and Sustainable Development

1. We are following the cause of industrialization and modernaization with socialist orientation, in which economic development objectives must be considered as important as social equality, traditional cultural indentity, and environmental protection. The issue of environmental protection, therefore, is both developmental final goal and an instrumental approach in ensuring a sustainable development of the economy.

2. Environmental protection is both the duty and the right to every people, every country over the world. Thus, environmental protection activities in Ben Tre must be organized on a totally social scale: The government sets up plans for investments in main-point projects; the mass people and business enterprises participate and cooperate in investment and practical works; then the Central Government and international investors and partners will altogether share hands in cleaning our living environment.

3. The Vietnamese Government has put into effect the Environmental Protection Law and at the same time has joined in international conventions on environmental protection. In environment governance, local agencies and officials have to come in line with these conventions as a matter of course, but with flexible and creative applications in specific conditions.

4. The environmental pollution, especially water contamination, is not Ben Tre's own issue, so it needs to be considered and dealt with at the pan-regional level (Mekong Delta), in the larger scale of international relationship (with countries along the Mekong River).

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