The Base of the Sai Gon-Gia Dinh Communist Party Regional Committee

This base was coded T4 and Y4. It is located in Tan Phu Tay and Thanh An Communes, Mo Cay District.

After the general uprising and attack of Tet Mau Than (1968), the Sai Gon and US forces counter-attacked fiercely, with intensive raids and destructive cannon strikes into liberal and other places that were suspected to be revolutionary shelters.

In June, 1969, with the agreement between the Regional Standing Committee and Ben Tre's leadership, the leadership of the Sai Gon- Gia Dinh Communist Party Regional Committee decided to move to Tan Phu Tay Commune. This is the newly liberated area, its people is unyielding and highly revolutionized, and is a place of difficult access by any ways.

Inside the base, there are many strengthened shelters able to endure attacks by 105-mm cannons. There are many strenches and a system of secrete shelters, places for the Regional Committee leaders, for conferences and other rear activities, etc.

In the outside belt area on the ground there are guardian corridors and communication links, including surrounding communes of Thanh An, Hoa Loc, Thanh Ngai and Phuoc My Trung.

When the enemy's spies and secrete men sniffed out the Sai Gon- Gia Dinh leadership staying here, they organized countless raids and assaults into the area hoping to detect and remove the stronghold of the Southern Revolution forces, but all were failed by the provincial armed forces.

For years after the Regional Committee moved away, the T4 base was destroyed by the action of war. After the Liberation Day, the provincial authority restored two of the shelters and built a monument in Tan Phu Tay Commune to memorize the base. Later on, it became a historical relic, and was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Informatin at the Decision 3777/QD/BT issued on December 23, 1995.

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