The Beach-head of the Ho Chi Minh Trail by Sea

The Beach-head in Thanh Phong Commune, Thanh Phu District has an significant position in Viet Nam's history of fighting against foreign invaders. It was the cornerstone for the establishment of the Ho Chi Minh Trail by sea -an way out for Ben Tre as well as the Southern Revolution to build a liaison line with the North for full scale two-way exhanges of war information and directions, and invaluable support from the North.

During the nation's two great wars against the French and American invasions, this beach-head had witnessed two times the provincial leadership went to the North by sea to report the war situation in the South to the Central leadership and brought back the crucial support for the Southern battle fields.

The first trip in early April, 1946, was safely and successfully accomplished. As a result, the first batch of weaponry, shipped from Phu Yen to Ben Tre, and escorted by comrade Nguyen Thi Dinh, was safely brought to its final destination.

The second trip on June 1st, 1961, eight months after the Dong Khoi uprising, was also perfectly successful despite more aggressive raids and control by the enemy.

These two events led to the Central decision to establish the Ho Chi Minh Trail by sea to transport supports for the South. During the resisting war against the American invasion, the Trail became a vital artery through which the Central supports came to the Southern coastal provinces.

The most important connecting point of the Trail was the Thanh Phong beach-head, from which weaponry and other military utilities from the North were distributed to the whole region. For its important role, the Southern Command establish the Battalion 962 to protect it from the enemy's attacks. After all, the beach-head of Thanh Phong contributed greatly to the success of Ben Tre, and the Southern Revolution in general.

On December 23, 1995, Thanh Phong Beach-head was recognized a national historical relic at the Decision 3777/VH/QD issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

It is 70 km from Ben Tre Town centre.

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