The Dong Khoi Memorial Complex

Dong Khoi chronicles:

- January 01, Comrade Nguyen Thi Dinh, Deputy Secretary of Ben Tre Communist Party Committee went to attend a conference of Sector Eight to receive the Resolution 15 of the Central Party Committee and brought back in Mo Cay District, Ben Tre province.

- On the night of January 02, conference of the Province's leadership was held in Mo Cay in order to retransmit main points of the Resolution 15 and to plan for the first week of the simultaneous revolt on January 17-25, 1960, with Dinh Thuy, Phuoc Hiep, Binh Khanh Communes as the breakthrough triangle.

- On January 11, 1960, the Mo Cay District Party Committee held a meeting with Dinh Thuy Commune Committee to decide on implementation the Provincial Party Committee's decision.

- On January 17, 1960, the uprising was successfully organized as planned.

- On January 20, 1960, Platoon 264, the Province's first ever military platoon, was established.

The successful Dong Khoi movement in Mo Cay District had opened up and encouraged the uprising movement to spread across the Province, and then spread out to the surrounding region.

After the Liberation Day, April 30, 1975, most remains of the movement had been completely or partly deteriorated.

In order to preserve relics, images and other materials about this great historic event, the leadership of Ben Tre Province decided to build the "Dong Khoi Memorial Complex"in Dinh Thuy Commune, the former outbreak point of the movement, as a way to let later generations know of their homeland's unyielding tradition in fighting foreign invasion, to foster their patriotic spirit, and to nurture their national pride. The complex has been built on an area of 5,000 sqm, including such features as a two-storeyed museum with 500 sqm of space area. A red flame model of reinforced concrete, 12 metre high, is built on the house top, as the symbol of the Dong Khoi eternal flame of the Land of Coconut. Inside the House, we can see a grandiose exhibition of objects, dummies, images, charts and home-made weapons used in the uprising. The Complex now is one of Ben Tre's most visited tourist sites. It was classified as a national historical relic at the Decision 43-VH/QD issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information on January 7, 1993.

How to reach the place, anyway? You may go by bus, motorcycle or other means of transport. Starting from the Township centre, you can either take the National Highway 60 to Mo Cay District centre before coming to the Dong Khoi Memorial Complex in Dinh Thuy Commune. You can also get there by boat on the Ham Luong River.

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