The House of Mr Nguyen Van Trac

The House of Mr Nguyen Van Trac (Muoi Trac) is located in Hung Le Commune, Giong Trom District. This is where former Secretary General Le Duan had once been staying for more than 4 months between November, 1955 and April, 1956, in a field trip to the Southern battle fields to direct the revolutionary movement in the South as well as to survey the war situation at the moment to prepare for the research project "Outlines of The Southern Revolution". During his staying here, Secretary General Le Duan lived and worked in the inner room of the house with an opening to a secret underground shelter in case of dangerous events. Guarding and protecting activities was carried out by Mr and Mrs Nguyen Van Trac, the house owners.

Seeing that the enemy's secret service men could discover his sheltering here, Mr Le Duan moved to another house in Tan Hao Commune, Giong Trom District, then moved on to several secret shelters in Binh Khanh Commune, Mo Cay District. He left Ben Tre for Sai Gon City on July 5, 1956.

After the Liberation Day (April 30, 1975), Mr Le Duan came back to visit the house where he once lived in hide, as well as the people and comrades who once concealed and protected him from the enemy during the time the Southern Revolution was in fierce hardship. The house of the former days was destroyed by the war, except for one wooden cabinet standing to conceal the opening to the secret shelter. Mr Le Duan had ordered local authorities to support Mr Nguyen Van Trac to rebuild the house as a relic of a time of hardship in the revolutionary war.

On May 7, 1997, the House of Mr Nguyen Van Trac was recognized a historical relic at the Decision 985-QD/VH issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

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