The Temple of Nguyen Ngoc Thang

The Temple of Nguyen Ngoc Thang is located in Giong Keo Village, My Thanh Commune, Giong Trom District, his place of birth.

Right after his death on June 27, 1866, his body was taken back to his home village by boat, and buried on a small mound, and a temple was built by local residents to commemorate him. At his death, King Tu Duc granted him with title, costumes and a precious sword, and all of these were kept at his Temple, a traditional way of local worship.

Plagued by years of war, most of the items kept in his Temple was badly deteriorated and lost. In 1984, local residents moved his tablet into the My Thanh Communal House to worship like a tutelary god who contributed greatly to guarding the village from foreign invaders. The Communal House of My Thanh lies on the Provincial Road 885, 6.5 km from Ben Tre Township . The 15th of the Fifth Lunar month every year is his memorial day. On this day, local residents and from neighbouring localities gather to the Communal House to worship and remember him.

The Temple of Nguyen Ngoc Thang was recognized a national historical-cultural relic at the Decision 985-QD/VH issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information on May 7, 1997.

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