How to Visit Ben Tre

There are two ways to reach Ben Tre by road. The first one is going from

Ho Chi Minh City on the National Highway 1A to the Trung Luong T-junction in My Tho City, then turn right into the National Highway 60 to Rach Mieu Ferry (about 4 km from Trung Luong). The total distance by this way is 86 km.

It takes each of the large ferry boats about 22 minutes or so to finish its journey to the Ben Tre side, while the small ones travel in only 15 minutes. The Ferry operates round the clock (24 hours a day). At the moment, there is an express ferry boat which crosses the river in a little more than 10 minutes. There is no peddling on the ferry boats, and Rach Mieu Ferry is considered the cleanest and best organized in the country.

The other way is to go from Can Tho City to Vinh Long province, then take the National Highway 57 after crossing the (small) Dinh Khao Ferry to Cho Lach District going on to

Ben Tre Township. The distance is 50.7 km.

Besides, visitors can also reach Ben Tre by boat on the Tien River, or take tourist ships traveling by sea and sailing up-stream the Tien River. However, this way is currently somehow inconvenient for there are no harbours with enough capacity to receive large sea-borne ships.

There is no airport in Ben Tre province.