c.p. Vietnam corp constructing aquatic breeding farm in Ben Tre

The CP Vietnam Livestock Limited Company, a 100% Thai-invested business, is going through the precedure to construct an aquatic breeding farm in Ben Tre.

Working with the province's leadership, CP Vietnam is reported to agree to lease 30 to 50 hectares of land to construct the Disease-free, High-quality Fresh water fish Breeding farm, with capacity of 180 posts per year. Fish breeding in the farm include mainly gift tilapia, red snapper and cat fish.

The US$1-million project is planned to be dispersedly located in Cho Lach, Chau Thanh and Mo Cay Districts, where it will help to create jobs for more than 100 local labourers.

Recently, CP Vietnam has already opened a farm to breed disease-free sugpo prawn in Binh Dai District, which is now operating efficiently.

Translated by Truong Hung

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