Strong FDI incease in year 2006

As of October, 2006, Ben Tre is reported to finish its planned target of foreign direct investment attraction in 2006, achieving US$23.4 million, a 2.2-time increase in comparison to a year ago.

Noticeably, most of this year's FDI come from Southeast Asian and East Asian nations. Among them, Thailand leads the pack as the nation with largest investment value.

So far this year, there have been 4 companies granted with investment licenses, including the Thailand-based Alliance One Apparel Company Limited; the Taiwanese-invested Dan Duy Viet Nam Company Limited; the Jung Nam Garment Joint Stock Company; and the Korean-invested Hyeong Lee Viet. Of the above four, three of them are operating in the garment industry.

For specifics, Alliance One is said to invest US$18.1 million into the project to out-source sports clothing for the world's top trademarks such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma. For Dan Duy Viet Nam, the company is planning to pour US$2.4 million into a factory specialized in manufacturing towels. Then, Jung Nam Garment Company is a US$1.75-million, multi-partied joint venture between Vietnamese and foreign enterprises. The licensed business is registered to operate in export garment manufacturing. And the last one, Hyeong Lee Viet Co., Ltd is soon to start its US$1.2-million project to produce coconut shell coal. Jung Nam has gone into operation since October, 2006, while Dan Duy Viet Nam is pushing in-depth staffs training to put its manufacturing line into operation later this year.

Altogether, the 4 companies lease a total land area of 12.9 ha, mostly in the Giao Long Industrial Park, except for the Hyeong Lee Viet investing in Mo Cay District. All of them are now hurrying up constructing factories to deploy their projects. Once in operation, they are said to need up to 3,600 labors.