Cocopeat and coconut thread going on to draw investors' interest

In 3rd Quarter, 2006, coconut-based products continued
to be the special interest among domestic and foreign investors coming to Ben
Tre. Most of them showed their strong interest in products made from cocopeat
and coconut thread.

So far, apart
from the
licensed Korean-invested Covina Limited Company, there
are four other companies having come to Ben Tre and carried out initial
surveillance for investment opportunity. They included Consarc Co., Ltd and
Hayleys Exports Limited from Sri Lanka; one Chinese enterprise and the Ho Chi
Minh City-based Sunhoa Pte.

directly contacted local authorities for land lease. And they clearly chose Mo
Cay District instead of the An Hiep Industrial Zone, because Mo Cay lies in the
heart of the coconut materials base of Ben Tre province, while the An Hiep IZ
infrastructure constructing project is in retard, which is very disadvantageous
because it would delay their own projects. Moreover, Mo Cay is also convenient
in terms of waterway transportation.

So, one of the
best investment solutions being chosen by foreign investors is to join venture
with local business partners, which would share their part of venture by their
ownership of land use right in Mo Cay District.