Two more foreign companies seek investments in the Giao Long industrial park

The Thailand-based Liberty Group has signed with Ben Tre's Investment Promotion Centre (IPC Ben Tre) a memorandum for a US$15-million investment project in the Giao Long IP, according to Mr Nguyen Truc Son, director of the IPC Ben Tre.

Mr Son said, Liberty Group has submitted to Ben Tre authorities documentations for the project to construct 5 factories of textile, dyeing, plastics, packings and packaging, and high-classed sportswear processing for Adidas and Nike, world's largest and most famous sportswear makers.

According to plans, during the first stage of operation, Liberty Group would lease 14 ha of land in the Giao Long Industrial Park, and would employ between 5,000 and 6,000 workers to work in their factories.

Beside Liberty Group, another foreign company, which is from Taiwan, has also signed with the IPC Ben Tre a memorandum for a US$1-million investment project to construct a factory to produce towel and underwear.

To date, the above businesses are en route to fulfil the required investment procedures to submit to the Provincial People's Committee for licensing in July, 2006.

With the two new foreign businesses about to invest in the Giao Long IP, the IPC Ben Tre has said it had fulfilled its 2006 planned duty to draw US$20 million worth of foreign investment into this IP, that's double the sum achieved in 2005 while the timing is 4 months ahead of plan.  

Translated by Truong Hung

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