Souvenir shopping

Souvenir shopping

Ben Tre's Specialities

1. Seasonal Fruits

Ben Tre is renowned as a place of
speciality fruits and plant seedlings. With the aid of scientific and
technological advances, farmers can grow fruits all year round, it is advisable,
though, to have specific kinds of fruits in the right season. Followings are
some suggestions:


Handbags, coir mats, and other fine items made from coconut shell are Ben Tre's uniques. These require great dexterity of craftsmanship. You can find and choose for yourselves some of such special items at any tourist resorts that you might tour in Ben Tre, and take them with you as souvenirs from the Native land of Coconut. But before you decide on that, let us recommend you some of the addresses of souvenir makers and vendors in Ben Tre province.

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