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Hotel Facilities

Here are some of the accommodation facilities that you can find a good stay during the time you travel in Ben Tre.

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The Hung Vuong Guest House

The Hung Vuong Guest House is situated at the downtown of Ben Tre Township, on the bank and overlooking the mild and poetic river of Ben Tre. It is surrounded by green trees and other buildings with French-colonial style of architecture.

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Dining is Fine

Here are some of the places where you can find delicious and characteristic dishes of Ben Tre.

1. Ben Tre Floating Restaurant

- Address: 60 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 3,

- Tel: (84) 75 822492

Ben Tre's Specialities

1. Seasonal Fruits

Ben Tre is renowned as a place of
speciality fruits and plant seedlings. With the aid of scientific and
technological advances, farmers can grow fruits all year round, it is advisable,
though, to have specific kinds of fruits in the right season. Followings are
some suggestions:


Handbags, coir mats, and other fine items made from coconut shell are Ben Tre's uniques. These require great dexterity of craftsmanship. You can find and choose for yourselves some of such special items at any tourist resorts that you might tour in Ben Tre, and take them with you as souvenirs from the Native land of Coconut. But before you decide on that, let us recommend you some of the addresses of souvenir makers and vendors in Ben Tre province.

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Monuments and Parks

Coming to Ben Tre, one should not bypass some of the most visible features of the land: parks and monuments present everywhere. These are all purported to retain memories of the once glorious time of the revolutionary struggles for freedom and independence.

The Tuyen Linh Pagoda

The Pagoda is located in Minh Duc Commune, Mo Cay District. It was built in 1861, once frequented by many patriotic intellectuals and artists in the 1920s. Later on, it became one of the revolutionary facilities throughout the two resisting wars. Especially, Tuyen Linh Pagoda was where Junior Doctor Nguyen Sinh Sac - the father of President Ho Chi Minh- stayed for a while, and here he met with local patriotic intellectuals.

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The Coconut Cake of Giong Luong

Giong Luong formerly was the place name of a stretch of elevated land along the bank of Ham Luong River, Ben Tre Province. It had gone into the far back past for a long time, and now just exists in the memories of the people who have been living here for generations.

The Khau Bang Mangrove Forest

Ben Tre is developing the natural mangrove forest reserve in Thanh Phu District. Khau Bang Mangrove Forest is among those in the plan. The Khau Bang Forest is valuable in that it helps reserve and protect the coastal ecosystem. It also is useful in environmental protection and increasing the aquatic resources.

Holidays and Cultural Events in Ben Tre

The Nghinh Ong (Dolphin Greeting) Festival is one of the largest festivals of BenTre's fishermen. It is held on the 16th Day of the 6th Lunar Month in coastal villages. During the festival, fishing boats are colorfully and beautifully decorated and anchored at big fishing harbours in the region for ceremonial rites and entertainment and folk-way game playing.

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