About Ben Tre

Religion and Faith

From the very old time, Ben Tre was settled by several ethnic groups such as Viet (or Kinh), Khmer, Chinese, and Champa, and all have harmoniously cohabited for as long as centuries. Along the timeline, they were intermingling in bloodlines as well as culture, especially religion and faith.

Overview - History

As far back as early 17th century, the Ben Tre region was a completely wild land with marshes and woods intermingled with a grid of ditches and rivulets. Then, waves of migration throughout 17th and 18th centuries had been gradually forming the most fundamental basis for later developments of Ben Tre province.


Ben Tre's topographical shape looks like an ososceles triangle, lying on the West-North and South-East axis, with its base conjoining on the South China Sea. The total length of coastline is 65 km. The two side lines of the triangle is contoured by the Co Chien River and Tien River, which are also the natural borders between Ben Tre and Tra Vinh and Tien Giang provinces, respectively, while the North vertex borders Vinh Long province.

Mekong River system

A summarized history of the Mekong River system in Ben Tre

During the last 100 thousand years, there have been two incidents of sea water flooding all over the delta, according to research documents. The first flood happened 100 thousand years and the second time was 6,000 years ago. In the time between these two periods, the whole region is a solid stretch of land, except the Dong Thap Muoi Marsh.


Ben Tre is located at the endstream of Mekong River, contiguous to the South China Sea, where there are 4 out of 9 "Dragon Mouths" opening to the sea. The total length of the province's river system is estimated at more than 6,000 km, in which Co Chien River is 82 km, Ham Luong River is 71 km, Ba Lai River is 59 km, and Tien River (or My Tho, Rach Mieu River) is 83 km long. This densely distributed system is not only very convenient for waterway traffic but also provides the land with abundant aquatic and irrigational resources.

Climate Features

Ben Tre province is located in the subequatorial zone, characterized by strong monsoon influence and rather high and stable temperature all year round, ranging around 26oC and 27oC, all above 20oC. On the yearly basis, the province witnesses the Sun passing the zenith two times on April 16th and July 27th.

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