Finance and Banking

In implementing the Central Government's policy for banking reforms, Ben Tre's State Bank has carried out basic rule changes in banking activities.

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Import and Export

While maintaining traditional markets (China, ASEAN countries, etc), the province has also been working hard to expand to new markets in West Europe. This has helped increased its exports turnover from US$25.23m in 1990 to US$32.62m in 1998 and US$41m in 2000.

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Business and Trade


Industry and Handicraft



Fishery and Aquaculture: Thanks to favourable natural conditions in all three zones of environment (fresh water, salt- and brackish-water), fishing and aquaculture in Ben Tre have expanded significantly and accounts for 35.7% in Section I of the economy. The gross production value of fishery in 1999 accounted for 16.9% of the GDP. Its average growth rates were estimated at 5.5% annually between 1990 and 1995, and this shot up to more than double during 1996 and 2000, at 11.6% per year. In 2001, fishery produced a gross value of VND1,816 billion (US$120 million).

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Forestry plays no big role in Ben Tre's economy (its volume ratio is just 1.7% of the Sector I, and its contribution to the GDP is a mere 1.1%). Its most important role is in protection of the environment and coastal ecology.



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